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Flute Music

Performances & Bookings


Thursday, August 13, 2023 | 11:45am

“Beyond the Notes!” Addressing Flute Choir Intonation With Paige Dashner Long and Katherine Emeneth

National Flute Association Convention | Phoenix, AZ

Paige Dashner Long, Tori Yaussy, and Katherine Emeneth

Past Performances

"Back to the Future! A musical journey through life" March 4, 2023 – Tallowood Baptist Church 
POPS concert featuring the Tallowood Orchestra. With special guests: Freedom Brass from the US Air Force Band of the West.

"Wind" February 17, 19, 26, 2023  Carya String Quartet
The windy months of spring will be introduced in February with a collaborative program celebrating the power of breath. Featuring flutist Tori Yaussy and mezzo Megan Berti, the program includes Respighi’s “Il Tramonto,” translated as “The Sunset,” and Late-Romantic American composer Amy Beach’s set of Variations for Flute and String Quartet. This program will conclude with the Houston premiere of local composer Stephen Bachicha’s song cycle “Close Your Eyes,” for mezzo and string quartet.

“Joy to the World” December 10 and 11, 2022 – Tallowood Baptist Church 

TBC’s annual Christmas pageant including performances by the orchestra and choir.  

“Fragile Structures” April 24, 2022– Archway Gallery

Contemporary music ensemble Loop38 presents a concert of world premieres responding to the climate crisis. 

“American Gems” January, 2021– New Texas Sinfonia

Members of New Texas Sinfonia present Samuel Barber's iconic String Quartet, Op. 11, juxtaposed with a lesser known gem– Theme and Variations for Flute and String Quartet,  Op. 80 by one of America's most prominent female composers, Mrs. H. H. A. Beach.

Concert Programs

Concert Programs


Americana: Music by American Composers

Some favorite pieces include:

i. Barber “Canzone” for Flute and Piano

ii. Copeland Duo for Flute and Piano 

iii. Amy Beach Theme and Variations for Flute and String Quartet

Flute Sheet Music


Flute and Friends!

Have a specific instrumentation in mind?

i. Flute, clarinet and piano trio

ii. Flute and string quartet

iii. Flute and piano

iv. Instrumentation of your choice! 

Tori Yaussy Flutist


Alone: Music for Solo Flute

Favorites for the instrument include works by:

i. C.P.E Bach

ii. Debussy

iii. Piazzola 

iv. Katherine Hoover

Tori Yaussy Flutist

Want to see a full list of my repertoire and create a custom program for your specific audience? That’s my favorite!




Tori’s Tips and Tricks

a. Let me help you get your beginner flute class off to a great start!

b. Go from Pneumo Pro to vibrato 

c. If you can say “kitty”, you can double-tongue! 

Flute excerpts


The Unclassical Musician

a. “Making it” as a musician in the 21st century 

b. “Unfortunately”: my biggest trigger word 

c. Performance v. Audition anxiety

d. Choose your own adventure!

Tori Yaussy Flutist


TMEA All-State Etude Masterclass

a. 2 formats– getting started, and getting to the finish line! 

b. Make a game plan! 

c. Flute fundamentals to make your performance stand out

d. Mock auditions and self-recording

The Unclassical Musician

Wanna work with me?

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